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15 | Callaho Carly Simon

°17-12-2019 · Mare · Bay · SAW · 160cm | 15.3hh



A fitting descendant of South African breeding pioneer Zulu du Toit’s brilliant Signification xx daughter, the Thoroughbred mare Mooi Nooi xx! With so many of this TB mare’s progeny and descendants having ascended to the big 1.50m classes, it’s a small wonder that Opportunity continues this legacy to the credit of Zulu’s patience and dedication to jumper breeding. Carly is Opportunity’s 3rd crack bearing ALL the markers her famous ancestor so reliably passed on; scope, care, stride and mental fortitude.


Suggested Utility | (out of ✧✧✧)

Showjumping    ✧✧✧

Dressage            ✧

Eventing              ✧½

Showing              ✧✧


Rider Compatibility

Novice                  ⤫

Competent          ✔️

Skilled                  ✔️

Professional       ✔️





Callaho's Carnaval La Silla
Carthago Z
Capitol I
Lantana V
Alzu Opportunity
Optimum vd Wellington
Randel Z
Jennifer Van't Carelshof
Alzu Burberry

Pedigree Performance

1st Dam (Alzu Opportunity by Optimum vd Wellington - 2005) 
       She produced :
       2010 | Alzu Countdown (Alzu Cyclone gelding) SJ 1.30m with Michelle Hobbs
       2017 | Callaho Carmen (Carnaval La Silla mare) SJ 1.10m with Divan Bosman
2nd Dam (Alzu Burberry by Bambix - 2000)     
       She produced :
       2003 | Alzu Ovation (Optimum vd Wellington mare) SJ 1.50m with AJ Radermacher
       2005 | Alzu Opportunity (Optimum vd Wellington mare) SJ 1.30m with Lara Neill
       2008 | Tchutara Oberon (Optimum vd Wellington stallion) SJ 1.30m with Emily Ehlers
3rd Dam (Alzu Anet by Admiral - 1980)     
       She produced :
       1984 | Alzu West End (Wachmann III broodmare)     
                  1993 | Alzu Banjo Beat (Bambix broodmare)   
                             2002 | Alzu Lombard (Landego gelding) SJ 1.60m with Anja Moller
                  1996 | Alzu Bushwacker (Bambix gelding) SJ 1.40m  
                  1999 | Alzu Obligation (Optimum vd Wellington gelding) SJ 1.50m with Michelle Hobbs
       2000 | Alzu Burberry (Bambix mare) see above.  
4th Dam (Mooi Nooi xx by Propitiation - 1966)     
      She produced :
        1975 | Alzu Maseru (Drabant broodmare)     
                    197x | Alzu Acrobat (Admiral broodmare)     
                                199x | Wild Applause (Wunderkind broodmare)  
                                            1999 | Raindrops on Roses (Rabiat Z broodmare)  
                                                        2009 | Font Count Capri (Courbette gelding) SJ 1.60m with AJ Rademacher
                    1980 | Alzu Weenen (Wachman III broodmare)   
                                1991 | Quinsey (Quidam de Revel gelding) SJ 1.60m with Ashlee Healy
                                1998 | Bouquet (Bambix broodmare)   
                                            2009 | Optimus (Optimum vd Wellington stallion) SJ 1.50m with Ronnie Lawrence
        1979 | Alzu Adele (Admiral broodmare)     
                    1984 | Alzu Wendy (Wachmann IIIl broodmare)   
                                1987 | Alzu Satara (Silbersee broodmare)  
                                            1993 | Alzu Bordeaux (Bambix stallion)  
                                                        1997 | Alzu Barracuda (Bordeaux gelding) SJ 1.50m with Dominey Alexander
                                1990 | Alzu Love Child (Landjunker broodmare)  
                                            1993 | Alzu Battante (Bambix broodmare)  
                                                        1996 | Lochwood Lothario Lad (Lindenberg gelding) SJ 1.50m with Dominey Alexander
                                            1994 | Alzu Clear Connection (Carrick broodmare)  
                                                        200x | Alzu On Air (Optimum vd Wellington mare) SJ 1.40m
                                            1996 | Alzu Bohemia (Bambix broodmare)  
                                                        2002 | Alzu Omaru (Optimum vd Wellington mare) SJ 1.40m
                    1985 | Alzu Windmere (Wachmann IIIl broodmare)   
                                1991 | Alzu In Love (I Love You broodmare)  
                                            1996 | Alzu Landego (Landjunker I stallion)  
                                                        2002 | Alzu Luanda (Landego gelding) SJ 1.60m with Peter Morrison
                                            2005 | Alzu Osprey (Optimum vd Wellington gelding) SJ 1.40m
        1980 | Alzu Anet (Admiral broodmare) see above.    
        1987 | Alzu Whisper (Wachman III mare)     
                    1994 | Alzu Bandana (Bambix gelding) SJ 1.40m with Michelle Hobbs
                    1996 | Barrier Reef (Bambix gelding) SJ 1.50m with Tammy Burton-Moore
                    2003 | Rathmor Baronne (Shiraz gelding) SJ 1.30m with Chris vd Merwe
                    2005 | Rathmor Shardonnay (Shiraz mare) SJ 1.35m with Kim Wobbe
                    2007 | Rathmor Quiet Man (Land Earl gelding) SJ 1.40m with Paige Goetsch
                    2008 | Rathmor Cognac (Capriccio gelding) SJ 1.30m with Catherine Deare


Veterinary Findings

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  • Radiographic Report
  • XRay Images
  • Prepurchase Examination Report (To be posted June, 3rd 2024)



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