Callaho’s disclosure policy is based on complete transparency and is immutable; any and all information that is in Callaho’s possession that it deems could possibly be of value to the prospective buyer, or could have an influence on her or his decision to place a bid with the intention to purchase any horse, will be made available to such prospective buyer prior to the auction.

All Auction Lot's full Vet Reports, Radiographic Reports as well as all X-Ray Imaging is available for direct download at the bottom of each Lot's profile, once registered and logged in

There are four principle reports for each horse available for prospective buyers which contain all the recorded Veterinary information:


1.  Veterinary and Farriery history of the horse – every observed or treated condition as well as all vaccinations and farriery recordings since birth.


2.  Preliminary X-Rays taken at backing – approximately one year before auction.

  • 2 x Oxspring method to (left front & right front) to view navicular
  • 2 x Laterimedial view of fetlock (left front & right front)
  • 2 x Anterior-posterior of fetlock (left front & right front) to view sesamoids
  • 2 x Lateromedial view of fetlock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Anterior-posterior of fetlock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Anterior-posterior of hock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Lateromedial view of hock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Lateral oblique of hock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Medial oblique of hock (left hind & right hind)
  • 2 x Lateromedial of stifle (left hind & right hind)

                  Total of 20 Backing Radiographs.


3.  Auction  Radiographs – taken approximately 3 months before the auction

  • 2x Lateromedial x-ray of hoof to view the pedal bone (left & right front)
  • Exactly the same 20 views of every horse as at backing taken again

                  Total of 22 Auction Radiographs.

These Radiographs are then sent to the highly respected, independent specialist Dr Roy Gottschalk for interpretation and recommendation regarding surgery or any other intervention which he suggests. The results and interpretation are recorded on a report which is available at all major equine Veterinary practices in South Africa. If not in the possession of your preferred Veterinarian, they can be requested directly from CALLAHO by email.

In situations where possible problems have been identified during the training period will additional x-rays be taken relating to the specific issue ie the back if kissing spine is suspected or jaw if a tooth is suspected to be the root of a problem.


4. Pre-purchase clinical examination by a Veterinarian – done approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to the auction. This is a standardized 5-stage vetting procedure:

  • STAGE 1: Preliminary examination: Condition, head, teeth, integument, conformation, eye and foot examination as well as cardiovascular, respiratory, urogenital, nervous and musculoskeletal system examination. Any information from stable management regarding any vices such as crib-biting and weaving are also recorded if they have been noted.
  • STAGE 2: Trotting-up in-hand: Pre-exercise flexions, lunged on hard and soft surface.
  • STAGE 3: Strenuous exercise: Ridden and lunged to evaluate soundness, heart and lungs, breathing and any strains that might be expressed.
  • STAGE 4: Rest: Period of rest for 20 minutes to evaluate heart and lung recovery.
  • STAGE 5: Second trot and foot examination as well as post-exercise flexions and lunged on hard ground.


These files are all freely available to any prospective buyer or their proxy for interpretation by their own veterinary consultant, representative, agent or advisor. X-Ray images can be requested by independent Veterinarians directly from CALLAHO by email to for their independent interpretation.

Prospective buyers may receive, analyse and check the information on their own responsibility at any time prior to the auction by consulting directly with the auction Veterinarian, Dr Nico Hendrikz available on +27 (83) 262-3186, who will be at the disposal of anyone requesting an in-depth professional opinion related to the clinical exam or x-rays.

The results of veterinary examinations, their statements and evaluations are independent services of veterinarians. No contractual promise by CALLAHO is made, since these veterinarians are independently working experts.


Contact | Callaho Stable Manager - Marike Swanepoel | | +27 (83) 461 3075

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