i.      The results of the X-ray examination and their interpretation by Veterinarians, their clinical examination, their statements and evaluations are services provided by independent professionals. No contractual promise by CALLAHO is made, since these veterinarians are independent experts expressing an opinion based on their own knowledge, experience and examinations of the auction horses and/or their X-Ray images. Consequently, the horses are sold as inspected and tested by the buyer; no liability is assumed by Callaho for the horse’s status of health, and neither may CALLAHO be held liable for the accuracy of the veterinarian clinical inspections and/or the corresponding evaluations of independent veterinarians.

ii.      The onus is on the prospective buyer or his/her proxy acting on their instructions to make an appointment and arrive at the studfarm within the days allocated to physically view, test ride and evaluate the horse they are interested in buying, as well as to request and familiarise themselves with any information or records which are available related to the horse in question.

iii.      Furthermore, the onus is on the prospective buyer or his/her proxy to consult with the stud veterinarian who will avail himself to provide all results of the clinical examination and interpretations and report of the X-ray examination.

iv.      Except as specifically provided for in the Conditions, the sale of all horses shall be “voetstoots”, on an “as is” basis, including all faults and defects, patent and latent, either before or after the sale.

v.      CALLAHO does not make or give any representation of a warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, whatsoever.

vi.      CALLAHO shall not, neither any of its representatives, be liable for any error or defects in respect of the correctness of any statement or information whatsoever pertaining to a horse, including any statement or information contained in any sale documents, Auction Catalogue or Callaho advertisement. “Statement” or “information” pertains to any representation including but not exclusively, without limitation, regarding the pedigree, height, description, condition, performance, potential, suitability or merchantability of, or any other particulars relating to a horse presented for sale on the auction.

vii.      It is the sole responsibility of the prospective buyer to check the inoculation and/or the vaccination status of any horse which he may be interested in buying prior to the commencement of the auction and to satisfy himself that they meet all the legal and his own requirements.

viii.      The buyer hereby acknowledges that he/she will make their purchase decision on full reliance of their own, their proxy or independent advisor’s conclusions regarding the condition of the horse or it’s suitability for intended purpose, and that he/she has not relied on any statement or representation made by or on behalf of CALLAHO to make such decision. Furthermore, the buyer acknowledges that no compensation shall be payable by CALLAHO for any faults, imperfections, conditions or any other patent or latent defects which may become patent at any time after the bidding is closed.




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