We encourage and welcome anyone interested in the collection to book a visit to the farm during the try-out period which begins Monday , 14th  October and extends to Sunday 24th November 2024.

To book a date or discuss suitable choices, please contact our Training Manager, Tani Gerber on +27 (72) 508 1967 or e-mail 

In all dealings with the horses, the welfare of the horse shall be paramount. All horses ridden during try-outs are young, inexperienced horses and must please be treated as such. For this reason, CALLAHO agrees to the following conditions and protocol during the try-outs:



i.      Try-out sessions must be booked and confirmed by CALLAHO in advance.

ii.      All riders shall wear the correct riding attire of jodhpurs, riding boots and the correct recognised head gear.   

iii.      No person who attends a try-out session or who is present on any property under the control of CALLAHO, shall have any claim of any nature whatsoever and however arising, now or in the future, (including, but not limited to the a foregoing, any claims for damage to or loss or destruction of any horse or other property or death or injury to such person) against CALLAHO or their staff or those providing a service out of any cause whatsoever.

iv.      CALLAHO reserves the right of admission and shall be entitled at any stage to require any person to vacate with immediate effect any premises under its control.

v.      Riders younger than 18 years of age must have their guardians or parents complete and sign the Ridden Consent form.



i.      There is a maximum limit of 8 horses per try out group session.

ii.      Sessions shall last approximately 15 minutes per horse.

iii.      Riders bringing Trainers/Advisors/Instructors who wish to ride the selected horses as well, may do so, however, the overall time per horse shall remain at 15 minutes.

iv.      The maximum height of jumps shall be 90cm, and the maximum width 100cm. Three jumping efforts will be provided in the indoor arena. The height of the jump will be determined by a CALLAHO staff member that will be present at all times.

v.      No horses shall be ridden more than 2 sessions per day consecutively.

vi.      Horses will be available to riders for try out once only, regardless if the rider visits the farm for more than one day.


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