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8 | Callaho C'est Bon

In foal to Callaho's Victory For Ever

°06-09-2009 · Mare · Bay · 160cm | 15.3hh


Precious breeding indeed! By the same father as WBFSH 14th ranked Jumping Sire Cornet Obolensky and out of a mother by the great French ambassador Quidam de Revel. Furthermore – she’s uterine sister to Ashlee Healy’s new crack Larido and herself mother to a string of top Callaho Auction horses; Consigo (2019 - 17.0 h), Chilton (2021 - 16.2 h) and Lars (2022 - 17.1 h). Now in foal to our scope guarantor, Victory For Ever, this is an absolutely no-risk acquisition.



Corrado I
Cor De La Bryere
Callaho Querida
Quidam De Revel
Jalisco B
Callaho's Piquette

Pedigree Performance

1st  Dam (Querida - 2005) 
        She produced :
        2009 | Callaho C'est Bon (Clinton mare) Broodmare 
        2010 | Callaho Larida de Rebelle (Lissabon mare) Broodmare
                     2015 | Callaho Condé Rebelle (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.20m with Katya Riccardi
                     2018 | Callaho Corida de Rebelle (Corinth mare) SJ 1.00m with Uthmaan Minty
                     2019 | Callaho Imagine (Innovation gelding)
        2016 | Callaho Larido (Larison gelding) SJ 1.20m with Ashlee Healy
2nd Dam (Piquette - 1992) SJ 1.50m with Leopold van Asten
       She produced :
       2001 | Stapidox (Stakkato gelding) SJ 1.30m
       2005 | Querida (Quidam de Revel mare) Broodmare - see above.
       2009 | Lansink (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.40m with Rainer Körber
       2009 | Lamaze (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.30m with Christa vd Westhuizen
3rd Dam (Panja - 1981) 
       She produced :
       1992 | Piquette (Pilot mare) SJ 1.50m with Leopold van Asten
       1993 | Walz of Flowers (Weinberg gelding) DR PSG/Int.
4th Dam (Fortuna - 1973) 
       She produced :
        1980 | Pia (Paradox mare) 
                    1984 | Gunda (Gottschalk mare) 
                                1980 | Perina 17 (Pit I mare) SJ 1.60m
        1981 | Panja (Paradox mare) Broodmare - see above.


Breeding History

  Callaho C'est Bon Produced :      
         2013 | Callaho Conchetta (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.30m with Olivia Sorour
         2014 | Callaho Consigo (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.35m with Oscar Ncube
         2017 | Callaho Chilton (Chiletto gelding) 0.90m with James Kane Berman
         2018 | Callaho Lars (Larison gelding) 0.80m with Leoni vd Burgh
         2019 | Callaho Conchetto (Con Coriano gelding) 
         2021 | Callaho Le Clos (Lissabon gelding) 



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In foal to Callaho's Victory For Ever
Expected date of foal 16-11-2023

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