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3 | Callaho Con Cazett

°29-01-2019 · Gelding · Chestnut · 162cm | 16.0hh



This still-growing gelding is a pure delight, scoring full tally for his rideability. However, his real potential is accurately forecast by Con Coriano’s prodigious scope, as well as his damline which is choc-a-block with open-class showjumpers. Furthermore, his dam Acy, was herself a top 1.40 jumper which all goes to explain the feedback from our professional riders: “He is very brave; keen; eager to please and a super consistent prospect for the big classes.”


Suggested Utility | (out of ✧✧✧)

Showjumping     ✧✧

Dressage            ✧

Eventing              ✧

Showing              ✧


Rider Compatibility

Novice                  ✔️

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Skilled                  ✔️

Professional       ✔️





Callaho's Con Coriano
Calypso II
N-Miss Coriano
Eroica II
Aladin Z
Gezzy Z
Gervantus I

Pedigree Performance

1st Dam (Acy - 1997) SJ 1.40m with Lyn Zacheriason
       She produced :
       2015 | Callaho Lazetto (Lissabon gelding) 
       2016 | Callaho Vicetta (Victory For Ever mare) 
       2019 | Callaho Con Cazette (Con Coriano gelding) 
2nd Dam (Galinda - 1991)     
        She produced :
        1997 | Acy (Azett mare) SJ 1.40m with Lyn Zacheriason
        1998 | Landess (Landstreicher mare) SJ 1.30m 
        2002 | Speedy Pop (Sandro Song gelding) SJ 1.30m 
        2003 | Qienna (Quidam's  Rubin mare) SJ 1.30m 
        2006 | Conchettus (Concetto gelding) SJ 1.40m 
3rd Dam (Lassandra 24 - 1985) SJ 1.50m with Andrea Wiese  
        She produced :
        1989 | Saskia (Sandro mare) SJ 1.40m 
                    1993 | Sanja (Pablo mare) SJ 1.30m | OLDBG State Premium
        1990 | Golden Girl (Grannus mare) 
                    1997 | Landgirl H (Landstreicher mare) SJ 1.30m
                                2006 | Cornet's Courage (Cornet Obolensky stallion) SJ 1.50m with Remo Allgäuer
       1991 | Galinda (Gervantus mare) see above.
4th Dam (Duplicata Z - 1980) HANN State Premium    
        She produced :
        1985 | Lassandra 24 (Latus I mare) SJ 1.50m with Andrea Wiese
        1985 | Sandrego (Sandrego gelding) SJ 1.40m with Andrea Wiese
        1989 | Landega Bay (Landfuerst mare) 
                   1993 | Comtess (Classiker mare) SJ 1.30m
                              1997 | De Vito (Drossan stallion) SJ 1.50m 
                   1994 | Quick Bay (Quick Star mare) 
                              2002 | Cento's Landfuerst (Cento stallion) SJ 1.40m 
                              2006 | As de Coeur (Coup de Coeur gelding) SJ 1.55m 
                              2009 | Chaccbay (Chacco Blue gelding) SJ 1.55m with Gianluca Quondam Gregorio
                              2012 | Doublem Chacco (Diablo Blanco gelding) SJ 1.60m with Luka Zaloznik 


Veterinary Classification 

Refer to Radiographic Report.

Category A


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