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15 | Callaho Euphoria

°08-01-2019 · Mare · Bay · 162cm | 16.0hh



Effervescent, cheeky, sassy. Yes. Special? Definitely. This lady has huge self-confidence and it shows in her attitude, but she has good reason to fancy herself. Beautifully put together with elastic, flowing paces, her jumping prowess is something to behold. However, scope is what defines Euphoria’s effortless fluidity over the jump. Not for the fainthearted neither the brash; experience, quiet patience and a certain je ne sais quoi in her production will indeed lead to a surfeit of Euphoria.


Suggested Utility | (out of ✧✧✧)

Showjumping     ✧✧✧

Dressage            ✧

Eventing              ✧✧

Showing               -


Rider Compatibility

Novice                  -

Competent           -

Skilled                   ?

Professional       ✔️





Callaho's Equinox De Chalusse
Numero Uno
Libero H
Prune De Chalusse
Vigo D' Arsouilles
Fragance De Chalusse
Callaho Foruno Graefin
Callaho's For Joy
For Pleasure
Callaho's Almgraefin
Almé Z

Pedigree Performance

1st Dam (Foruno Graefin - 2008) 
        She produced :
        2014 | Callaho Con Alma (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.35m with Tamar Gliksman
        2015 | Laruna Graefin (Larison mare) SJ 1.20m with Chris vd Merwe
        2016 | Laruno (Larison gelding) SJ 1.10m with Ivan vd Sijde
2nd Dam (Almgraefin - 1989) 
        She produced :
        1993 | Eurocommerce Napels (Carthago Z stallion) SJ 1.60m with Gerco Schröder
        1998 | Carthaga (Carthago Z mare) SJ 1.40m 
                    2010 | Falou (Balou du Rouet mare) SJ 1.40m with Kelly Sillett
                               2014 | Jillz (Kannan mare) SJ 1.35m with Lisa Zoller
                               2014 | Jeppetto (Kannan stallion) SJ 1.45m with Frederico Francia
        2003 | Wodka Lime (Lux Z mare) 
                    2010 | Fanta Lime (Cantos mare) SJ 1.45m with James Paterson Robinson
        2006 | Renoir (Raphael gelding) SJ 1.40m with Kevin Wessels
        2008 | Foruno Graefin (For Joy mare) Broodmare - see above.
        2012 | Laios (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.35m with Alexandra Ric-Hansen
3rd Dam (S-Ladalca - 1980) 
        She produced :
        1989 | Almgraefin (Alme Z mare) Broodmare - see above.
        1995 | Quidalca Z (Alme Z mare) 
                    1998 | Calvina Z (Calvin Z mare) 
                              2004 | Esprit (Lambada mare) SJ 1.45m Vanessa Borgmann
                              2008 | Iken vd Weretherbach (Cicero Z gelding) SJ 1.60m Primitivo Zorrilla
                              2009 | Jinja vd Weretherbach (Cicero Z mare) SJ 1.40m Benjamin Raistrick
                    2014 | Nabab de Ibio (Carpaccio stallion) SJ 1.40m Luis Fernandez Gill Fournier
        1997 | Cobra (Carthago Z stallion) SJ 1.50m with Peter Geerink
        1999 | Chester (Corrado I stallion) SJ 1.50m     
4th Dam (Junda - 1972) 
        She produced :
        1980 | S-Ladalca (Landgraf I mare) Broodmare - see above.
        1987 | Brame (Lenz mare) Broodmare 
                   1995 | Carthago's Lady (Carthago mare) Broodmare 
                              1998 | Obella (Cassini I mare) Broodmare
                                         2007 | Okarino (Pavarotti vd Helle mare) SJ 1.45m Adam Grzegorzewski
                                         2012 | Mascotte vd Withoeve (Enrico vd Witthoeve stallion mare) SJ 1.45m Kaitlin Campbell
                   1996 | Lepata (Coronado mare) Broodmare 
                              2001 | Roksana (Lavaletto 7 mare) SJ 1.45m Katja Haep
                              2006 | Welcome Cor (Caretino mare) SJ 1.50m Wilhelm Genn
                              2010 | Lion Cor (Larimar gelding) SJ 1.60m Jörg Möller
                                         2010 | La Caramba (Carambole mare) SJ 1.60m Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
                   2003 | Evita EQD (Clearway mare) SJ 1.40m with Patricio Maldonado Maestre 
                              2013 | Jano EQD (Kannan gelding) SJ 1.50m Manuel Fernandez Saro
        1992 | Galina XI (Lavall II mare) Broodmare 
                   1996 | Checkers 6 (Contender gelding) SJ 1.45m with Rolf Göran Bengtsson 


Veterinary Classification 

Refer to Radiographic Report.

Category B



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