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13 | Callaho Imagine

°07-03-2019 · Gelding · Black · 169cm | 16.2½hh



Close your eyes for a minute. Try to imagine the perfect showjumper. Maybe this is what you’d come up with: super refined, sensitive & ultra careful, lightning fast, unbelievable scope. Imagine even a little further – huge quality, which by definition in equestrian parlance means ‘not for amateurs’ - OK, so these go hand in hand. Get the picture? Cool.

Now open your eyes. Imagine. 


Suggested Utility | (out of ✧✧✧)

Showjumping     ✧✧✧

Dressage            ✧

Eventing              ✧

Showing               -


Rider Compatibility

Novice                   -

Competent           -

Skilled                  ✔️

Professional       ✔️





Callaho's Innovation X
Fragonard xx
Dashing Blade xx
Foudre xx
Comtesse DKG
Jasmin IX
Callaho Larida De Rebelle
Callaho's Lissabon
Callaho Querida
Quidam De Revel
Callaho's Piquette

Pedigree Performance

1st Dam (Larida de Rebelle - 2010) 
      She produced :
      2015 | Callaho Condé Rebelle (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.20m with Katya Riccardi
      2018 | Callaho Corida de Rebelle (Corinth mare) SJ 1.00m with Uthmaan Minty
      2019 | Callaho Imagine (Innovation gelding)
2nd Dam (Querida - 2005) 
        She produced :
        2009 | Callaho C'est Bon (Clinton mare)  
                     2013 | Callaho Conchetta (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.30m with Olivia Sorour
                     2014 | Callaho Consigo (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.35m with Oscar Ncube
        2010 | Callaho Larida de Rebelle (Lissabon mare) Broodmare - see above.
        2016 | Callaho Larido (Larison gelding) SJ 1.20m with Ashlee Healy
3rd Dam (Piquette - 1992) SJ 1.50m with Leopold van Asten
       She produced :
       2001 | Stapidox (Stakkato gelding) SJ 1.30m
       2005 | Querida (Quidam de Revel mare) Broodmare - see above.
       2009 | Lansink (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.40m with Rainer Körber
       2009 | Lamaze (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.30m with Christa vd Westhuizen
4th Dam (Panja - 1981) 
       She produced :
       1992 | Piquette (Pilot mare) SJ 1.50m with Leopold van Asten
       1993 | Walz of Flowers (Weinberg gelding) DR PSG/Int.
5th Dam (Fortuna - 1973) 
       She produced :
        1980 | Pia (Paradox mare) 
                    1984 | Gunda (Gottschalk mare) 
                                1980 | Perina 17 (Pit I mare) SJ 1.60m
        1981 | Panja (Paradox mare) Broodmare - see above.


Veterinary Classification 

Refer to Radiographic Report.

Category B


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