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20 | Callaho Stand By Me

°14-03-2018 · Mare · Dark bay · SAW · 167cm |16.2hh


This is a modern, perfectly sized dark and sassy lady. In addition to her balanced frame and locomotion, she has a calm, laid back demeanor which does however, immediately respond to the aids and willingly assumes a forward, want-to-work attitude. Her neat, careful jump is underscored by prodigious scope and coupled to her fortitude and spunky disposition, we have a mare that was glowingly described by Callaho test rider Lara Neill as " the full package and a ready-made horse".


Suggested Utility | (out of ✧✧✧)

Showjumping     ✧✧✧

Dressage            ✧

Eventing              ✧

Showing              ✧✧✧


Rider Compatibility

Novice                   -

Competent          ✔️

Skilled                  ✔️

Professional       ✔️





Achill-Libero H
Quidam's Rubin
Quidam de Revel

Pedigree Performance

1st Dam (Quinta - 2003) SJ 1.35m
        She produced :
        2006 | For Friemel (For Joy gelding) SJ 1.20m with Kyle Venter
        2014 | Caspian (Casparon gelding) SJ 1.10m with Tessa Joseph
        2015 | Catinka (Catoki mare) SJ 1.20m with Rainer Körber
        2016 | Santa Monica (Sampras mare) SJ 1.00m with Franziska Laidler
2nd Dam (Domila - 1989) 
        She produced :
        2000 | George Grey (Graf Grannus gelding) SJ 1.40m 
        2003 | Quinta (Quidam's Rubin) SJ 1.35m | see above.
3rd Dam (Dominga - 1978) 
        She produced :
        1989 | Domila (Domspatz mare) see above.
        1990 | Dominante (Cordes Boy VZ mare) 
                     1994 | Dolores (Contender mare) 
                               2004 | Dolormina (Animo II Z mare) SJ 1.35m 
                                          2007 | Cascavel Hu (Clinton II gelding) SJ 1.40m with Tova Akerstrom
                               2005 | Bombay Sapphire (Balou du Rouet mare) SJ 1.60m with Fidel Segovia
                               2006 | Petit Chateau (Daddy Cool mare) SJ 1.40m with Theo Leduc
                     1998 | Sheltana (Sion mare) 
                               2008 | Fifty Shades (Call Me Number One gelding) SJ 1.60m with Andrea Torres Guerreiro
4th Dam (Agram mare - 1957) 
        She produced :
        1969 | Dorina (Domspatz mare) 
                    1975 | Dina (Dominik xx mare) SJ 1.40m | HANN State Premium
                                  1981 | Wendy (Wendekreis mare) 
                                                1987 | Ravissa 12 (Raphael mare) SJ 1.60m with Dietmar Walter Gugler
                    1984 | Garina (Gardestern I mare) SJ 1.40m | HANN State Premium
                                 1988 | Robinson FRH (Raphael gelding) SJ 1.60m with Richard Spooner
                                 1995 | Accord's Aisha (Accord II mare) SJ 1.50m | HANN State Premium
                                 1997 | Lucille (Laptop mare) SJ 1.50m | HANN State Premium
                    1988 | Rauber (Raphael stallion) SJ 1.40m   
        1978 | Dominga (Domspatz mare) see above.  

Veterinary Class | (out of ✧✧✧✧✧) 

Callaho Stand By Me : ✧✧✧✧+



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