Jun 26, 2020

The second night of Callaho’s maiden online auction was a runaway success. The twelve lots on offer included 11 sporthorses and one broodmare. With buyers having experienced the reliability and capability of the auction platform the previous evening, bidding was fierce. 

The story of the night was Lot number 24, Callaho Voleur (Victory Forever/Con Coriano/Quidam’s Rubin), who sold for a record price of R900,000 to a bidder in Botswana. With over sixty bids running back and forth and multiple lot extensions to allow bidding to culminate fairly, this striking horse clearly captured the imagination. Voleur, described by Callaho as ‘a big, fearless fellow with an outstanding jump’, really does promise to be a top-end professional showjumper; the result is a reflection of his potential. We can’t wait to see this young man take the showjumping circuit by storm. 

Other notable successes of the evening included Callaho Laruna Graefin (Larison/For Joy/Almé Z), described as having the “pedigree to jump out of her passport”, who sold for an impressive and well-deserved R600,000. Callaho Tokkato (Tolano Van’t Riethof/Stakkato/Caletto I), with his ‘prodigious scope and classical technique’, was next in the popularity stakes, fetching R410,000. He was closely followed by Callaho Lazetto (Lissabon/Azett/Gervantus I) and Callaho Carlsberg (Carnaval La Silla/Lissabon/ Granulit) who each sold for R400,000. 

Callaho Chivello (Chiletto/Lissabon/Raphael) and Callaho Larikano (Larison/Vulkano/Quidam’s Rubin) also attracted big bids, demonstrating once again that Callaho has both breadth and depth to its quality, with all horses on the auction offering a real opportunity for success for their riders and owners. 

We wait with baited breath to see what this evening brings. Callaho breeds the best and there is no doubt that the prices reached are commensurate with the quality on offer. This still remains a buyers’ market, with everything to bid for. We’ll see you in just a few short hours!


- Lizzie Harrison, Editor HQ Magazine

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