Feb 5, 2021 · Team Callaho

To all our Callaho clients, broader Callaho family and friends; we wish that the year ahead brings you top health and good fortune from many directions. May it be your best year ever!  

We are indeed in extremely trying times with global and local uncertainties which continue to disquiet us. However, we trust that the Covid 19 pox which has turned our world upside down will soon moderate and that we’ll emerge from this nightmare intact; primed to prevail over all the old, as well as the new challenges which invariably lie in wait. It is now more important than ever that we keep our chins up, engage our optimism in top gear and put our foot flat-down on the pedal.

The success of our inaugural Callaho Online Auction last year was indeed the heartening result of a necessity inspired gamble in the face of adversity. In the process and much to our delight, this has also opened up our borders to new Callaho clients and friends from neighbouring countries as well as from the far reaches of Southern Africa. The encouragement, support and trust placed in us by our Callaho community at large has been most encouraging, emboldening us to reimagine our online model with meaningful refinements.

Taking our cue from the clear advantages which emerged from last year’s experiment as well as the significant Callaho to Client synergies generated, we have decided not only to continue with this platform, but to further augment these benefits by splitting our collection into two biannual auctions, held 6 months apart.

Offering a winter and summer auction enables our team to further tailor the training program to each individual horse and thus manage their progress more holistically. In particular, those horses which are slower to mature can now be allocated to the later, summer auction in October and thus be afforded an extra 6 months in which to flourish. This will negate any undue stress conceivably imposed on a younger horse in order to meet a deadline.

Another plus point is that clients will have substantially more opportunities for try-outs. By splitting the vintage, each with approximately 20 horses only, the possibility that too many choices becomes overwhelming, which could lead to a less than perfect selection, is significantly reduced. Furthermore, an online timed auction  allows buyers more than enough time to consider their bids carefully and consequently provides for a more deliberate, well considered buying decision.

We at Callaho remain fully committed to our moral imperative. Our mandate of providing consummate quality with absolute transparency to our clients is non-negotiable.

We wish to thank you all, our Callaho clients and friends, for your trust, support and encouragement over these last 12 auctions. Without you, we would not exist. We are committed to the mandate you have given us. We will not disappoint.


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