Jul 26, 2021

With the days starting to lengthen and our Kalahari winter doing its best to resist the inevitable, this has been a quiet time for the stud to reflect on the current challenges this country faces as we resolutely go about preparing our final 2021 collection for the Summer Auction in October. Indeed, as South Africans we remain proud citizens of our country and together we will continue to face off these challenges, knowing well that we shall ultimately prevail to forge a future in which the sun shines pro-rata on all of us.

Without doubt our decision to split the 2021 auction into two offerings has proven to be more than providential. With the maintenance of a very light training schedule and a further six months to mature, the result has been quite astounding. Not only have they further settled into their routine with quiet zeal, their obvious joie de vivre has catalysed the revelation of aptitudes only hinted at six months ago.

It is thus with a great deal of anticipation and excitement that we’re now able to disclose the Summer Auction collection. Our Callaho adage, “Breeding Magic”, has never been more apt and now truly finds expression in this year’s final offering.

The production of their ridden and free-jumping videos is complete and will soon be posted together with all their Veterinary Information as well as their Compatibility, Suggested Utility details and relevant statistics. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need assistance or have any queries regarding the collection.

- Team Callaho

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