Jun 28, 2020

The inaugural Callaho Online Auction culminated last night, and what a success it was! Another evening of fierce bidding saw high prices across the spectrum of sport horses, and provided another hugely entertaining evening for those watching at home. 

Callaho Confidant (Con Coriano/Heartbreaker/C-Indoctro) was the headline lot of the evening, selling for an impressive R810,000. Described as ‘a supernatural jumper, athlete and just plain ‘nice guy’’, it’s no wonder he generated so much interest. 

Callaho Larano (Larison/Sandreo/Dageraad), another major lot of the evening, kept the auction open long past the anticipated closing time. The relentless back-and-forth bidding showed just how prized this special gelding was. Described as ‘having it all’ in terms of his cadenced paces, commendable jumping technique, abundant scope and top rideability, he really was worth fighting for. Bidding finally concluded at R660,000 for this exciting prospect. It now only remains to be seen if dressage or showjumping will be the discipline of choice for this multi-talented youngster.

Callaho Conrina (Con Coriano/Lissabon/Capitol II), the 16.3hh mare with lightening reflexes, enormous scope, flawless jumping technique and a will to work, was another highlight of the evening. Her huge heart and excellent rideability brought her recognition to the tune of R600,000. She will certainly be one to watch out for on the showjumping circuit.

Callaho Talana (Tolano Van’t Riethof/Argentinus/Deosselbart), the sensitive, spirited mare with the five-star vetting, also performed well, and looks similarly set to excel at the very highest level. Her price tag of R550,000 was well deserved. 

All that remains is for us is to wish all new owners great success with their high-quality partners. The dynamic transition made by Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses to this online auction format, made possible through heartening support from loyal clients, has been a great success. The results of the sale proved the strong demand for quality horses. Every single lot on offer found a buyer, and record-high prices were achieved. The durability and appeal of Callaho’s breeding quality, even during these difficult times, was made abundantly clear.


- Lizzie Harrison, Editor HQ Magazine

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